If you’ve been frequenting our stores in the last 2 years, you’ve come to know Noel and his wife Tania. They can be seen regularly rolling cigars for us in-house. Noel has become family with the Moore’s. We love his dedication to his craft, his integrity and his desire to become established in this industry as one of the leaders in cigar making. Mostly, we love his cigars! Noel makes our En Fuego brand cigars, our house hand rolled cigars, and he also makes his own brands, the Statement, the Bluebonnet, and the all-new KSG! Noel has set his sights on dominating the small rig gauge market, knowing that smaller ring gauge cigars deliver a more potent and enhanced flavor and strength. After all, aren’t we all looking for more flavor when we smoke cigars? 

This sampler includes
1 En Fuego Brand Habano Toro
1 Bluebonnet robusto
1 Statement Toro
1 House-Rolled Maduro Toro
1 Bluebonnet Lancero
1 (Just Released) K.S.G. Lancero

Rojas Family Sampler


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