So you like ‘em light, easy, creamy and smooth? This cigar sampler is perfect for you. Tobacco lesson: there is a tobacco grown under a cheesecloth called Connecticut Shade. When this tobacco is used for wrapper on a cigar, the end result is a cigar that is mellow and creamy. It leaves little after-taste and is a “clean” finish. This cigar speaks to people being introduced to cigars. But make no mistake of its popularity. Connecticut wrapped cigars make up the majority of all cigars sold in the U.S. 

These 4 brands are some great choices to take you straight to creamy-town. These would sell for over $70 individually, but this sampler is $39.99.

The sampler includes:
2 Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno 
2 Noel Rojas Hand Rolled Toro
2 Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Robusto
2 Curivari Buenaventura C300 Toro

Creamy & Smooth Sampler


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