We love Aganorsa! The JFR they make has been a perennial top seller for us for 15 years straight! In recent years they have hugely expanded their lineup and have been putting out great blend after great blend. This sampler gives you the opportunity to try their best selling JFR, the newer Aganorsa blends, including the Guardian of the Farm, and the brand spanking new Lunatic Torch (for free) We are one of the very first in the country to get it!

The Sampler Includes:
1 Lunatic El Chiquito Maduro
1 JFR Titan Maduro
1 JFR Super Toro Corojo
1 Aganorsa Leaf Toro Connecticut
1 Aganorsa Leaf Toro Corojo
1 Guardian of the Farm Belicoso
1 FREE Lunatic Torch Toro

Best of Aganorsa Sampler + Free Lunatic Torch cigar


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